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15th June, 2012

Movements, Networks, Protest: New Agendas for Society and Politics

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15th June, 2012
Council Room K2.29 Strand campus, King's College London.

The Department of European and International Studies at King’s College London is pleased to announce a call for papers for their third annual postgraduate conference.

From the Arab Spring to Occupy, environmentalists and feminists, immigrants and students, the importance of social movements, protests, revolutions and riots in today’s world is undeniable. They have raised core questions regarding democracy, power, equality and the relationship between citizens, the state and the global economy, whilst social movement studies have expanded in academia, providing fruitful theoretical and analytical perspectives for the study of social networks, opportunity structures, collective identities, globalisation and transnationalism. Our conference will explore the importance of movements for social relations, political policymaking and academic research. Empirical studies as well as critical theoretical papers are welcomed on topics including, but not limited to:

Protest repertoires, means and tools: contemporary social movements between peaceful “acampadas”, riots and revolutions

Citizenship from below? Approaches to democracy and participation beyond the state

Insiders and outsiders: the representation, rights and recognition of immigrants and minorities

Explaining the success or failure of social protest 

Social, economic and political relations from the global to the local

The impact of the internet and social networks on political participation

The aesthetics of protest

Leaders or followers? Hierarchies and power relations

Transnational networks and movements beyond borders

For more information please visit the King’s College London website.

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