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9th June, 2012

An Immortal Debate: Philosophy and Ideology between Late Byzantium and Modern Greece

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9th June, 2012
K0.16, King's Building, Strand Campus
Free, all welcome but please register

Within the post-modern context it is commonly assumed that notions of Modern Greek identity emerge in the nineteenth-century as a by-product of the Enlightenment: in other words, that identity discourse is a construction of the State. On the other hand, recent and current work on late Byzantium points to ideological, political and philosophical conceptualisations of Hellenic identity that are much older and which urge us to re-consider established views on the topic.

The Centre for Hellenic Studies (CHS) is organising a workshop that aims to re-open the debate and instigate a discussion spanning the fields of Late Byzantine Studies and Modern Greek Studies. The invited speakers are young scholars currently working on the political, philosophical and cultural roots of Modern Greek identity as well as on its relationship with the pagan and Christian past.

A one-day workshop led by Niketas Siniossoglou.

For more information please visit An Immortal Debate.

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